Shoji Fuzen
Voice Actor James Sie
First Appearance The Vengeance of Hibagon

Shoji Fuzen is the Waka-Gashir who posed as a philanthropist to get access to Professor Mizuki's mind-swapping headgear. His first appearance was in The Vengeance of Hibagon. He was voiced by James Sie.

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Shoji Fuzen (in the suit of armor) with Eterno, Piecemeal, and Rani Nagi in the intro


Fuzen planned to use the device to expand his criminal empire by swapping the mind of a trained fighter into the body of a Hibagon. But the professor used his invention to swap his own mind into the Hibagon and fight his way to freedom, but not before the device was accidentally destroyed during the battle. This caused Shoji to pursue the Mizuki-Hibagon in an attempt to recapture him and the knowledge of his invention, however, Shoji ended up a target of the professor's vengeance. Doc convinced Mizuki that although Shoji was the one that trapped him in the monstrous body, only he could decide if he would act like a monster and Shoji was handed over to the police.

He later returned in the Curse of the Stolen Tiger, capturing a Blue tiger that could grant good luck to those around it. He captures the Saturdays and Wadi when they tried to free it, revealing his men had developed advanced tech weaponry using the tiger's good luck. In the end, Zak uses his cryptid powers to temporally reverse the Tiger's luck, causing all of Shoji's minions to have bad luck. He attacks the Saturdays himself with a samurai-like suit of high tech armor but is defeated when Wadi steals a piece of equipment from his suit, causing its flight boosters to fail, sending the crime lord falling to the valley far below before Wadi comically "returned" it to him. Giving how high he was, Shoji Fuzen most likely died.



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