Talu Mizuki
Talu mizuki
General Information
Species Hibagon (formerly human)
Occupation(s) The Secret Scientists
Voice Actor Jerry Tondo
First Appearance The Vengeance of Hibagon

Professor Talu Mizuki was a human scientist, now a Hibagon and a Secret Scientist and a friend of The Saturdays. His first appearance was in The Vengeance of Hibagon. He is voiced by Jerry Tondo.


Professor Talu Mizuki is a scientist who created a mind-swapping device. He first demonstrated the device to Shoji Fuzen, a Japanese crime lord posing as a philanthropist, by swapping the mind of his dog into a white tiger. Then, when Fuzen revealed his criminal plans for the device, Mizuki swapped his mind with that of a Hibagon. In the ensuing fight with Fuzen's goons, the device was destroyed, trapping him in the Hibagon's body.

The Saturdays tracked the Mizuki-Hibagon across Tokyo while he sought revenge against Fuzen. Mizuki thought the Saturdays were working for Fuzen and fought them at every turn until Fuzen showed up to try and capture him. Mizuki desperately wanted to exact his revenge on Fuzen, but Doc convinced Mizuki that although Shoji was the one that trapped him in the monsterous body, only he could decide if he would act like a monster and Shoji was handed over to the police.

The Saturdays setup Mizuki up in a remote cave with a lab and the equipment to continue his research and rebuild the mind-swapping device. His dog-tiger also lives in the cave with him keeping him company.

He later assisted the Saturdays when they were called to Japan to investigate a construction site that had been mysteriously damaged.

In Kur part 1, He is one of the Scientists after Zak with his dog-tiger.

In War of the Cryptids, he was seen in the Secret Scientists' airship where he was also controlling the Flute of Gilgamesh with Arthur Beeman to capture Zak (and Argost). He wasn't seen again for the rest of the episode, but was assumed to be kicked out after Miranda saved Zak (and Argost) from the Flute of Gilgamesh.