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Prof. Talu Mizuki
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General Information
Species Hibagon (formerly human)
Affiliations Secret Scientist
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Agility
Voice Actor Jerry Tondo
First Appearance The Vengeance of Hibagon

Professor Talu Mizuki was a human scientist, now trapped in the body a Hibagon and a Secret Scientist. His first appearance was in The Vengeance of Hibagon.


Originally, Prof. Mizuki was an elderly Japanese man. He had wrinkled skin and was balding, as well as being short in stature. He wore a pale yellow sweater over top of a blue button-up with blue pants and soft brown shoes.

As a Hibagon, Prof. Mizuki is enormous and in excellent physical condition. He has blue fur and his skin is a lighter blue. He wears mind-transfer cones on the side of his head, although the device that makes them work has been destroyed, rendering them pointless.


Prof. Mizuki does not have much of a sense of humor, having never made a joke on-screen. He does appear to have a soft spot for animals.

He can be extremely obsessive, to the point of giving up his own moral code in order to achieve some grander goal, especially if he views his cause as just, such as how he wanted to kill Shoji Fuzen and hunted Zak down in order to imprison Kur.


Professor Talu Mizuki is a scientist who was hired by Shoji Fuzen to create a mind-swapping device in The Vengence of Hibagon. It enables a person to inhabit a new body (presumably deceased or lacking brain activity) while their old body rests. Prof. Mizuki dreamed that it would be able to give those who were paralyzed new bodies or save those afflicted with a terminal illness.

Prof. Mizuki in his human body.

When Mizuki first demonstrated the device to Fuzen, a Japanese crime lord posing as a philanthropist, he put the mind of his dog into a white tiger. Fuzen revealed his criminal plans for the device, wanting to put an army of soldiers loyal to him into powerful bodies, such as that of the Hibagon. To stop him, Mizuki swapped his mind with that of the Hibagon. Unfortunately, in the ensuing fight with Fuzen's goons, the device as well as Mizuki's old body were both destroyed, trapping him in the Hibagon's body.

After being called in to investigate the Hibagon, the Saturdays tracked Mizuki across Tokyo while he sought revenge against Fuzen. Mizuki thought the Saturdays were working for Fuzen and fought them at every turn until the Saturdays revealed that they had never heard of him and Fuzen showed up to try and capture him. Mizuki desperately wanted to exact his revenge on Fuzen, but Doc convinced Mizuki that although Shoji was the one that trapped him in the monstrous body, only he could decide if he would let himself become a monster. Mizuki allowed the Saturdays to take Fuzen away and he was handed over to the police.

The Saturdays setup Mizuki up in a remote cave with a lab and the equipment to continue his research and rebuild the mind-swapping device. His dog-tiger also lives in the cave with him, keeping him company. At this point, he is recruited into the Secret Scientists.

In Eterno, Prof. Mizuki is one of the Secret Scientists attending the meeting in order to help stop the water crisis in the Middle East. He has no lines.

Sometime later, Prof. Mizuki assisted the Saturdays in the comic The Storm That Shook Japan. He helped them track down the Raicho that had been damaging a construction area. The Raicho grabs Prof. Mizuki and takes him back to its nest, where Zak catches up with them thanks to Zon. A whole flock of Raicho are revealed and Zak has Zon fly Prof. Mizuki back to the airship while he holds them off, saving Mizuki's life and making them even for how Mizuki pushed Zak out of the way earlier in the comic, allowing himself to be grabbed by the Raicho at all.

As of Kur: Part One, Prof. Mizuki is one of the Secret Scientists hunting Zak for being Kur, along with his dog-tiger. He tries to bargain with Doc in the episode, saying, "We have no intentions to harm the boy. We merely wish to freeze him in cryogenic storage until all of us, together, can find a solution to this problem of Kur." The Saturdays, of course, refuse and manage to escape the Secret Scientists using Komodo's invisibility field.

Mizuki has few speaking lines in The Legion of Garuda, but he's with Dr. Beeman and Dr. Grey throughout the episode, chasing the Saturdays at Gilgamesh's grave, over the Chao Phraya River in Thailand, and later helping to save Zak's life when it is revealed that the ceremony using the Flute of Gilgamesh will kill him.

In War of the Cryptids, he was seen in Dr. Beeman's saucer, where he was managing the defense systems so that the Saturdays couldn't interrupt the recording of the Flute of Gilgamesh. He wasn't seen again for the rest of the episode. It can be inferred that the Saturdays haven't forgiven him.