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Vital statistics
Species Taniwha
First appearance Kur:Part One

Taniwha is mosasur that survived to a present time. It made its first appearance in Kur:Part One.


These cryptids bares a resemblance to the prehistoric mosasaurs. Its even possible its one its self but it may also be an eel.The Taniwha is a guardian spirit of the aboriginals of the waters near New Zealand. The Taniwha were respected as powerful, dangerous beings. They were known to have been able to tunnel through the Earth, uproot trees, and even travel on land. Due to their primitive lungs, the Taniwha could breath air for a certain amount of time. At sea, the Taniwha were seen as small whales, or as disconnected, floating logs. On land, they were seen as whale-like creatures with reptilian features. They were also said to sprout fins as they walked on land.



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