Vital statistics
Species Tapire-laura
Habitat Amazon River
First appearance The Kur Stone:Part Two

The Tapire-laura are cryptids that were first seen as a hologram in The Kur Stone:Part One


The Tapire-Laura are huge, pig/cat-like creatures who live near the Amazon River. They are actually a surviving race of mesonychids or hooved carnivores. They have been seen as red fur with white stripes, and as green fur with yellow stripes. The Tapire-lauara guard the watering hole that holds the Saturdays family's piece of The Kur Stone. They are very protective and have bad attitudes. They can grow to lengths of approximately 9 feet, and hunt prey using their teeth and claws. They also appear in the Secret Saturdays video game: Beast of the Fifth Sun,in a volcano. They also appeared in video game Hunt for the Kur Stone.

Sat 152wl


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