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Cartoon Network Action Pack #26

The Cartoon Network Action Pack Issue #26 included a comic called "The Cannibal Curse," which was released in August of 2008. It was written, inked, and colored by Jay Stephens, penciled by Scott Jeralds, lettered by Travis Lanham, and co-edited by Liz Gehrlein and Joan Hilty.


The Saturday family searches the ocean just off the coast of an island in Fiji for the legendary shark god, Dakuwaqa. They get roped into fixing a curse that has plagued the nearby village for generations. In the process, Zak discovers an ability that he never knew he had.


The story begins with the Saturday family investigating a large underwater boneyard which they believe could prove the existence of Dakuwaqa, the Fijian shark god. Unfortunately, the bones that they find are recent dolphin bones, not Dakuwaqa's.

The family returns to shore, empty-handed, and stop by a small Fijian village. They have been invited to take part in a ceremonial apology to Dakuwaqa, who the villagers believe placed the "Saturday Curse" on them. This is because, in 1867, Doc's great-great-grandfather, Reverand Elija Saturday, was put to death by ritual cannibalism when he accidentally touched the village chief's hand.

Surely, no one will notice.

During the ceremony, Fiskerton slaps a cow that knocks over a torch and ignites the tiki idol that represents the embodiment of the curse. The villagers, believing Fisk to now be carrying the curse, dangle him over a waterside cliff as a sacrifice to appease Dakuwaqa and invite their god to eat Fisk. Doc is waiting below on the Saturday submarine to catch Fiskerton. He gets a reading on his cryptipedia indicating that something large, fast, and baring a genetic resemblance to a Dunkleosteus is approaching.

Zak uses his cryptid powers for the first time.

The large, fish-like cryptid lunges out of the water and knocks Doc off of the sub and into the water. Seeing Fisk and Doc in danger, Zak jumps off of the cliff and down to a ledge beneath Fisk to try and get him down. Dakuwaqa snaps at Fiskerton and only succeeds in breaking the vine holding him, knocking Fisk and Zak into the water. Doc dons his power glove and jumps on its back to fight it off so Zak and Fiskerton can swim to safety. Zak becomes protective as Dakuwaqa gets closer to them, saying, "Get away! Fisk is like family! And I won't let you eat my brother!" His eyes begin to glow, as well as the Dakuwaqa's. It flings Doc from its back and flees.

The villagers rejoice that Dakuwaqa spared their village and declare the curse lifted, thanking the Saturday family. The Saturdays decide that they need to investigate Zak's strange, new powers.


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  • This was the first story featuring the Saturday family, coming months before the show's premiere.
  • This is the story of the first time that Zak's cryptid powers are discovered.
  • During the opening of The Kur Stone: Part One, a photograph can be seen of the Saturdays and Dakuwaqa.
  • In The Kur Stone: Part Two, Zak references this comic when he comments to Fiskerton that he owes him one after he "lifted the curse on him in Fiji."
  • According to Drew, Doc's family tree is very interesting. He has an ancestor who was an escape artist, one who was a boxing champ, another who was a spy, and even one who was a pirate.
    • Doc disputes the term "pirate," saying that Captain Samuel Saturday was a legal privateer who had a letter of marque from King Louis XV of France.