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The Kur Stone: Part One
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General Information
Original broadcast October 3, 2008
Series The Secret Saturdays
Season 1
Episode number 1
Overall episode number 1
Written by Brandon Sawyer
Directed by Scott Jeralds
Episode Guide
Previous episode None
Next episode The Kur Stone: Part Two

The Kur Stone: Part One was the series premiere of The Secret Saturdays and the first episode of season one. It premiered on October 3rd, 2008.


After simultaneous attacks on three Secret Scientists' compounds (including the Saturdays' HQ), Doc and Drew Saturday realize that V.V. Argost is trying to recover the Kur Stone, the key to finding the ancient cryptid, Kur, and the ultimate power that comes with it.


The episode opens with Zak, Komodo, and Fiskerton running through a jungle after the Cameroon flashlight frog. Zak's narration describes the work that his family does with cryptids, as well as what the Secret Scientists are.

Komodo turns invisible to eat the flashlight frog, causing Fisk and Zak to trip over him and sending them all rolling down the hill and into a river at the base. In the process, they disrupt the ruins nearby and are nearly crushed. Doc saves them by stopping the rock rolling down the hill, moving it out of the way. Drew walks by them, reminding Doc of the frog that they're pursuing.

Meanwhile, Dr. Grey and Dr. Cheveyo have their research interrupted by Munya and Argost respectively, who have come looking for the pieces of the Kur Stone. At the same time, Van Rook and his apprentice have broken into the Saturday's HQ for the same reason.

Back in South America, the Saturdays have cornered the flashlight frog. Seeking to test Zak's unusual powers, Drew gives him the Hand of Tsul 'Kalu to help him focus his power. Zak keeps the frog under control while Doc confirms its existence, but is quickly overwhelmed when dozens of more frogs appear, and the family is forced to flee to their airship when he accidentally triggers a stampede. They have a notice that someone has broken into their house and Doc and Drew head home to stop them.

Van Rook and his apprentice have had no luck finding anything in the Saturday's house. Doc and Drew drop down from the airship to attack them, managing to win and forcing both intruders out of their house. Not a minute later, Zak, along with Fisk and Komodo, jump into the room wanting to fight.

As they're cleaning the living room, Zak talks to his parents about wanting to be involved more and helping them fight "the bad guys." While Drew disagrees, saying that Zak is eleven and doesn't need to be fighting mercenaries, Doc is more of the mindset that letting Zak learn how to fight and defend himself would be a good idea.

The argument is put on hold when Dr. Grey calls. She tells the Saturdays that she was attacked and had her piece of the Stone taken from her. Doc checks if there are any satellites near Dr. Cheveyo but, when there are no results, he decides to go investigate himself.

At Dr. Cheveyo's observatory in Arizona, he admits that Argost himself arrived and took his piece of the Stone. When Zak expresses frustration and asks his parents directly what they're talking about, Drew explains.

She says that, eleven years ago, she and Doc were on an archeological excavation when they dug up the Kur Stone, an ancient Sumerian artifact that is actually a map capable of leading the user to the ultimate cryptid, Kur. At the time, they didn't know what they had, and Argost managed to steal it from them. They tracked him to Weird World, and a team of fifty Secret Scientists came out: Doc, Drew, Dr. Cheveyo, Dr. Grey, Dr. Beeman, Dr. Cheechoo, and Agent Epsilon. They agreed to split the Kur Stone into three pieces and three of them elected to take a piece in order to keep the Stone separate.

Zak suggests that they go retrieve the final Kur Stone piece immediately, which Dr. Cheveyo agrees with. Drew reveals that they left it in Manous, along the Amazon river basin. Komodo suddenly tackles Dr. Cheveyo while chasing a bug, revealing that Cheveyo has a neural parasite on the back of his neck. Argost, who had been listening the whole time, takes control of Cheveyo's body to deliver a warning.

He plans to go to Manous and, in hopes of killing the Saturdays, releases firecracker beetles into the area. When Argost lights the gas that they produce, the whole area explodes. Dr. Cheveyo manages to get control of his body back when he's flung against a rock, knocking the neural parasite loose. He blocks and explosion for the Saturdays, sending them over the side of the plateau they're on but saving their lives. Doc manages to pull out some rope at the last second and they all quickly return to the airship to give chase to Argost.

After leaving Dr. Cheveyo with Dr. Odele, he suggests that Zak should be left in his care as well, just in case. Doc turns the offer down and reveals to Zak that their Kur Stone piece was buried in the Amazon because of the vicious Tapire-lauara that hunt in the region. Because of that, they might need Zak's cryptid-influencing powers to get at their Kur Stone piece. Zak agrees readily to help and the episode ends on "To Be Continued."

Noteworthy Events

Major Events

  • V.V. Argost makes his return after silently plotting for eleven years.
  • Zak is gifted the Hand of Tsul 'Kalu in order to help focus his cryptid-influencing powers.

Minor Events

  • Deadbolt gets destroyed in this episode and doesn't appear again until the first episode of season two.
  • This is the Saturday HQ and Airship's first appearance.
  • Doyle meets the Saturday family for the first time.


Main Characters


Supporting Characters



Cryptid Items





"Everybody has secrets. My family just has bigger ones."
Zak Saturday
"Another new apprentice, Van Rook? Didn't you warn him what I did to the last one?"
Doc Saturday
"You're not our partner, Zak, you're our son. And I don't think bringing you into a fistfight with mercenaries is gonna win us any "Parent of the Year" awards."
Drew Saturday to Zak Saturday
"We went in with a team of fifty. By the time we left that house of horrors, there were only seven of us."
Doc Saturday, describing breaking into Weird World
"Sweet little boy. I've waited eleven years for this. What makes you think I'd let anyone else do the hurting?"
V.V. Argost to Zak Saturday


  • Several times while influencing the flashlight frog, Zak's eyes aren't glowing.
  • At one point, Doc's battle glove is shown to be plain and lacking any details.
  • In one clip, the Saturday's seatbelts in the airship are colored yellow instead of grey.
  • Doc grabs the center piece of the Kur Stone in the episode's flashback, but the next episode shows that the Saturdays' piece is the bottom.
  • Drew's hands are drawn without gloves in one clip.


  • This is the second time Nicole Sullivan and Will Friedle have both worked together in a cartoon. The first time was in Disney's Kim Possible.
  • This is also the second time Nicole Sullivan and Fred Tatasciore have worked together in a cartoon. The first time was in Family Guy. However, they do minor roles in Family Guy and major roles in The Secret Saturdays.
  • The photo of the Saturdays being ambushed by Kalmykian snakes is a reference to the comic Crying Wolf.
  • This is the only episode in which Zak narrates.
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