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The Kur Stone: Part Two
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General Information
Original broadcast October 3, 2008
Series The Secret Saturdays
Season 1
Episode number 2
Overall episode number 2
Written by Brandon Sawyer
Directed by Scott Jeralds
Episode Guide
Previous episode The Kur Stone: Part One
Next episode The Vengeance of Hibagon

The Kur Stone: Part Two was the second episode of season one of The Secret Saturdays. It is the second episode overall. It premiered on October 3rd, 2008.


Following the attacks on three Secret Scientists' compounds and an ambush by V.V. Argost, the Saturday family heads to Brazil, hoping to intercept Argost before he can collect the final piece of the Kur Stone.


The Saturdays fly toward Manaus, Brazil in their airship to prevent V.V. Argost from getting to the last piece of the Kur Stone. Unfortunately, they soon find themselves locked in a dogfight above the Amazon. Zak attempts to help by trying a dangerous stunt with Fiskerton and, in doing so, causes Drew to swerve the airship to save them and they are shot down in the process.

After making sure everyone is alright, Drew chews Zak out for what a stupid stunt he tried. Zak again gets mad at her for not giving him a chance to prove himself. Seeing that Zak is upset, Doc takes him aside to talk while Drew sees what's salvageable.

Alone, Doc tells Zak that "for every action, there's an equal and opposite reaction." The year that they unearthed the Kur Stone was also the year that Zak was born. Because of that, both Doc and Drew believe that, in combination with Zak's powers, he may be fated to fight Kur one day. Kur's power is, after all, to raise an entire army of cryptids and wipe out humanity. Doc wants Zak to know that they do trust him, they're just being cautious due to his youth and inexperience.

They are called back to the airship by Drew, who is attempting to fight off an Ornithocheirus. Zak attempts to calm it with his powers, but is instead grabbed as it starts to fly off with him. Drew shoots the cryptid down, knocking Zak into the trees some distance away.

The cryptid returns, attacking the Saturday family. It knocks them into a tree that's crawling with live vines, which quickly ensnare the family. The Ornithocheirus gets closer again, nearly biting Doc's head off, but pulls away at the last moment as Zak reappears, establishing a connection with it easily and remarking how well the Claw works.

After getting his family down, Zak defends the cryptid's attack, saying that they crashed into her nest when they landed and she was just defending herself. Unfortunately, it flies off upon hearing jet engines, and the family watches Argost's warship fly overhead and leave them behind. They set out after it.

Thankfully, it looks like they ended up at the location of the Kur Stone piece first. Zak makes sure that there are no Tapire-lauara nearby, then Drew, Fisk, and Komodo dig up the piece. Before they can rebury it, ensuring that it's still there, Argost and Munya ambush them, using Devonian annelids in order to render the Saturdays unconscious. Zak puts up the longest fight and Argost taunts him before Zak, too, passes out.

When Zak wakes up, the rest of his family is already awake, and there are all tied to the trees by the same constricting vines from earlier. Argost taunts them with the third piece of the Kur Stone and Drew's fire sword. When Drew asks why he's still there, Argost reveals that he plans to let the Tapire-Iauara eat them, presumably as a form of poetic justice.

Noticing his claw nearby and the Tapire-Iauara arriving, Zak reveals his powers to Argost in order to coax one of the cryptids into slashing the vines holding him in place. Enraged, Argost orders Munya to transform, in which he grows in size and muscle mass and has extra spider arms burst from his skin.

While Zak tries to get his family free, Munya grabs him and tosses him some distance away. Zak notices Argost trying to get away with the Kur Stone piece and knocks it from his hands, where it lands safely in the muddy bank. Using his powers, Zak orders the Tapire-Iauara to attack Munya, keeping him busy while Zak runs for the Stone piece.

In an attempt to stop him, Argost throws Mongolian death worm venom at Zak, which he then uses to break the vines that are keeping Fisk tied. While Fisk works himself free, Zak is locked in combat with Argost, dodging attacks from Drew's sword while his family defends themselves against the hungry Tapire-Iauara.

Doc gets himself free in time to see Argost about to shove Drew's sword through Zak's head while he's distracted grabbing the Kur Stone, only to be knocked out of the way at the last moment by the Ornithocheirus from before. She gets stuck in a tree with Argost in the process, who holds her beak open and threatens to pour the venom down her throat. At the same time, Munya grabs the Stone piece from Zak and makes a run for it.

Zak chooses to save the Ornithocheirus, knocking Argost's hand out of the way and causing the branch to dissolve enough for her to get loose. Seizing the opportunity, Munya and Argost get away with the last Stone piece.

Once they're gone, Zak apologizes to his parents for letting them get away. They praise Zak for his choice, finding it admirable that he chose to save the Ornithocheirus. Drew then points out the pressing in the mud from where the Kur Stone piece landed, giving them a perfect pressing of its inscriptions. The Ornithocheirus quickly warms up to Zak again and he asks if their family can keep her, wanting to name her Zon.

Back at Saturday HQ, Zak shows Zon her new nest set up outside one of their towers. Fisk and Komodo are none too happy about the newest member of the family, but tolerate her.

Zak runs off to see what his parents are doing. Doc has managed to construct a 3D model of the printing of the Stone piece that was left in the mud and Drew is hard at work translating it. It's not much, but it gives them a start.

On the newest episode of his TV show, Argost teases the audience about the "map" that he has hidden behind a curtain. He doesn't show it to the camera, but promises that, when he finds what waits at the end of the map, he's going to show it to the entire world.

Noteworthy Events

Major Events

  • Zak is gifted his primary weapon, the Claw.
  • Argost recovers all three pieces of the Kur Stone.
  • The Saturday family has a holographic image of the piece of the Kur Stone that they failed to protect, allowing them to keep up with Argost somewhat.
  • Zon makes her debut and is adopted into the family.

Minor Events

  • It is revealed that Munya can transform into a more powerful, more mutated form.


Main Characters


Supporting Characters



Cryptid Items





"Are you saying Argost is tougher than Doc Saturday? Because I seem to be doing okay against you."
Zak Saturday to Doc Saturday
"Zak, we're afraid that if this Kur madness gets out into the world, you may be the only one who can stop it."
Doc Saturday to Zak Saturday
"No more secrets, Saturdays. You can't keep me from what I was meant to have."
V.V. Argost to the Saturday family
"Dear lady, would anyone ever visit the circus if they didn't secretly hope to see the lions eat somebody?"
V.V. Argost to Drew Saturday
"More importantly, you're a Saturday. And things always seem to have a way of working out for Saturdays."
Drew Saturday to Zak Saturday


  • Zak is seen using his power without his eyes glowing.
  • When Zon carried Zak away with her, she had him by the mouth. But when the commercial break is over, Zon has him in her feet.
  • There is a frame where Doc's neck is missing, showing the background behind him.


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