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The Secret Saturdays is an American animated television series created by Canadian cartoonist Jay Stephens (creator of the Emmy-winning cartoon, Tutenstein) for Cartoon Network. There were several sneak peeks of the show on September 1, 2008 and it debuted on October 3, 2008.


The Secret Saturdays revolves around the titular Saturdays, a family of cryptozoologists consisting of parents Doc and Drew Saturday and their eleven-year-old son, Zak Saturday. The Saturdays are members of the Secret Scientists, a global organization with the goal of studying and safeguarding sciences considered too dangerous to be general public knowledge.

As the foremost experts in cryptids, the Saturdays are responsible for studying and protecting cryptids around the world, while also keeping their existence a secret from the rest of humanity and averting cryptid-related threats. The Saturdays travel in their airship with their adopted cryptid family members Fiskerton, Komodo, and Zon, while Zak strives to help his parents with their missions and to master his mysterious innate ability to influence and control the actions of cryptids.


Season One

Season Two