The Vengeance of Hibagon
The Hibagon.
General Information
Original broadcast October 10, 2008
Series The Secret Saturdays
Season 1
Episode number 3
Overall episode number 3
Written by Laura McCreary
Directed by Scott Jeralds
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Previous episode The Kur Stone:Part Two
Next episode The Ice Caverns of Ellef Ringnes

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The Vengeance of Hibagon was the third episode of Season 1 of the The Secret Saturdays. It is the third episode overall. It premiered on October 10, 2008.


The Saturdays are called to Hiroshima, Japan to check out reports of a rampaging cryptid. They discover that it is a Hibagon with the mind of Professor Talu Mizuki who became trapped in the cryptid's body after attempting to escape the Japanese crime lord Shoji Fuzen. Putting their research of the Kur Stone on hold, they stop the professor from taking his revenge on the crime lord. After putting Fuzen in jail, they gave Mizuki the technology and a remote lab needed for him to continue his research and rebuild his destroyed mind-swapping device.



Main Characters

Supporting Characters




  • Hiroshima, Japan
  • Tokyo Harbor, Japan




  • When the Hibagon crushes the box, Zak disappears but in the next time he's there.
  • After when Zak got away from the train, his shoe was off, but when he came down his shoe was back on.


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  • V.V. Argost doesn't appear in this episode, but he is mentioned several times.
  • According to Zak, we learn that Japan is Weird World's number 1 fan base.
  • Dr. Yoshico (who was mentioned in the episode) is possibly a member of the Secret Scientists.
  • This is the first appearances of Professor Talu Mizuki, Shoji Fuzen, Dr. Yoshico (mentioned only).
  • When Drew shouts, "Put him down, Mizuki!" and Talu Mizuki responds by saying, "A very poor choice of words" and drops Shoji Fuzen, this is a reference to a Batman Movie when Batman says "Let her go.", and The Joker responds by saying "A very poor choice of words.", and drops the girl. 


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