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Drew wielding her fire sword.


The Tibetan Fire Sword is Drew Saturday's weapon of choice, gifted to her by the Tibetan monks who raised her when she left the temple. In addition to being wielded in the manner of a normal sword, it can be commanded to shoot fire from its tip. The fire can only be generated while the sword is exposed to some degree of light, even if indirect. When the fire is called forth, metal "flames" sprout from the sides of the sword.  

It is shown that Drew Monday wields a copy of the sword that shoots ice. This was proven in Black Monday when Positive Drew (Saturday) wound up wielding Negative Drew (Monday)'s sword against her in the ruins, and it shot ice in a similar manner that the Positive Drew's sword shoots fire. 

In Hindu mythology, the Khadga, or Fire Sword, is a symbol of enlightenment used to destroy ignorance, which is the enemy of liberation from the bonds of worldly attachments. It is found in the hand of Manjushree, the god of divine wisdom. The sword features a Tibetan Dragon at the hilt, holding the heavy blade. The top of the handle is crowned with a "dorjie", or Viswa Vajra, which represents that which cannot be destroyed, but destroys all evil. The tip of the Khadga ends with detailed brass flames, again signifying the destruction of evil forces and protection.


  • In the episode Kur Rising, Fiskerton temporarily wields this sword to fight Munya.
  • Curiously, in the whole episode Kur Rising, the sword fires blue flame instead of red. This is probably caused by the change in the type of climate we normally see it used in. Despite the fact that not a lot of sunlight reaches Antarctica because the poles do not get as much sun as the rest of the Earth's surface, the vast white plains of ice and snow reflect much more light than other places.
    • It is also worth mentioning that blue fire is hotter in temperature than red fire, thus a possible implication that the temperature of the flames emitted can be altered.
  • In Guess Who's Going To Be Dinner?, Zak temporarily wields this sword against Piecemeal.
  • Another possible reason for blue flames coming from the sword could be heightened determination. This aspect was also shown in the final episode when Drew rushed into the Naga's lair to find Zak, where it was also adorning blue fire. It did this also in the hand of Rani Nagi, who would have all the passion in the world to destroy her adversaries. This might have something to do with the term "your passion/determination glows hotter/brighter."