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Twelve Hundred Degrees Fahrenheit
Twelve Thousand Degrees Fahrenheit.jpg
General Information
Original broadcast November 21, 2008
Series The Secret Saturdays
Season 1
Episode number 8
Overall episode number 8
Written by Ross Beeley
Directed by Scott Jeralds
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Previous episode Van Rook's Apprentice
Next episode The Owlman Feeds at Midnight

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Twelve Hundred Degrees Fahrenheit was the eighth episode of Season 1 of The Secret Saturdays. It is the eighth episode overall. It premiered on November 21, 2008.



The Saturday family heads to Chile to help Dr. Paul Cheechoo. When the Osorno Volcano erupts, a lizard-man known as the Cherufe is released. After battling the creature, they discover that V.V. Argost is also there, searching for a clue to finding Kur in the creature's nest. Drew ventures into the volcano when the family figures out what he's after. She battles Argost over one of the creature's eggs within the volcano, defeating him and returning the stolen egg to the mother. However, Argost succeeds in retrieving what he was really after, one of the crystals on the egg.


Main Characters


Supporting Characters


Cryptid Items


  • Chile




  • The back of Doyle's hair when he says, "See, not all science has to be boring" is orange, not red.
  • When Zak and Doyle are coming out of the volcano, Zak is in his suit, but in the airship he is in his normal clothes.
  • When Doyle says "Looks like I'm pretty good at the good guy thing too," his boots are orange.


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