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Ulraj Holding a Can of Tuna.jpg
General Information
Species Kumaris
Age 12–14
Affiliations Zak's Army

His Kingdom

Occupation(s) King of Kumari Kandom
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Shark Sense
Enhanced Strength
Underwater Breathing
Trained Hand-to-Hand Combat
Relatives Unnamed King (father, deceased)
Voice Actor Adam Wylie
First Appearance The King of Kumari Kandam
"The first lesson I learned as King is that everyone hates an order. The secret is to make them want to do what you want them to do."
Ulraj in The Underworld Bride

Ulraj is a Kumari and the King of Kumari Kandam, as well as Zak Saturday's friend. His first appearance was in The King of Kumari Kandam.


As a Kumari, Ulraj has a fish-like appearance. He's covered in blue scales and, rather than hair, has something resembling fins on his head and a seaweed-like substance for his "mustache." He has no nose or eyebrows, but he has pointed years and pupilless eyes that are red and glassy.

Ulraj wears a green-yellow and red tunic with a yellow sash tied around his waist. His leggings are green and he wears red boots and red gloves.

Despite being King, he does not appear to dress any more lavishly than his subjects.


Due to his upbringing, Ulraj has grown to be rather entitled and arrogant. In his first appearance, he's also quite cowardly when facing Argost.

His arrogance is mostly playful and is shown best in how he teases Zak. He tends to treat people as subjects by default, such as when he told Drew that she should still call him by "Your Highness" despite the fact that she helped save his kingdom because she was "mostly unconscious." Once someone has earned his respect, such as with Doc and Zak, Ulraj has no problem treating that person as an equal.

Ulraj is also very competitive and a show-off, going so far as to flirt with Wadi, despite not having any romantic interest in her, because he noticed that Zak likes her and doesn't want to "lose" to him in anything.

Despite his many childish traits, Ulraj is a wise King. He is an excellent leader and quite compassionate.


Ulraj became the King of Kumari Kandam when his father was killed in an assault orchestrated by V.V. Argost. He allied with Zak to reclaim his kingdom from Argost. With help from the Saturdays, Ulraj reclaimed his kingdom, but V.V. Argost and Munya escaped with the Royal Medallion ,which Ulraj stated to be to dangerous to wield. The medallion was one of the keys to Kur.

Ulraj uses his shark sense to grab Zak's wrist.

He returns in The Underworld Bride to join the Saturdays on a visit to New Guinea to find a new cryptid that tries to kill and eat Zon. He tries to train Zak Saturday with his cryptid skills by practicing on Rhinoceros Dolphins and later on combat training. Like other Kumarians, he is shown to be able to detect magnetic fields, shown when Komodo tried to sneak up on him, which can be blocked by rubber. He tried to help Zak catch Zon by setting up a trap using a fishing net and fish, when asked how and why he knew how to catch birds he said "We do have to eat". Meaning that Kumari eat birds not only fish.

Jay Stephens revealed that Ulraj will return in season 3 episode life in the underground. He and Wadi are celebrating Zak's 13th birthday. Where he pretends to like Wadi to make Zak jealous. But later reveals he is not attracted to her, he just doesn't like losing anything to Zak.

Ulraj can be seen leading his people into battle.

In War of the Cryptids, he leads his Kingdom in the counteroffensive against the cryptid armies of V. V. Argost along with the atmospheric jellyfish.


Zak Saturday is Ulraj's best friend, though you wouldn't know it from the way that they act. Ulraj tends to treat Zak as more of a rival than a friend. However, the rivalry could also be a compliment, signaling that Ulraj views Zak as an equal and wants to prove that he is better.

They had well-meaning spars and take playful jabs at each other, but always stop when it's time to take things seriously. They have a lot of fun with each other around, which Ulraj seems to appreciate especially when compared to the dull life he leads as a King. Zak also likes having him around, although it is hard for them to see each other when Kumari Kandom is far beneath the ocean's surface and the Saturday family is constantly traveling the world.

Although having only met Wadi once, Ulraj seems to like her well enough to consider her a friend and has a desire to see her again. He held her hand when they believed that they were going to die. He does not find her "attractive," unlike Zak.

Ulraj doesn't spar or jab at Wadi the way that he does with Zak, although he seeks to impress her in the same egotistical way. His attempts to wow her also could have been him trying to flirt, but considering that Ulraj wants to impress everyone, he likely wants her to be amazed regardless.



  • Since his return to the throne, he's said he is fed rare chocolates and fine meats and receives foot massages. He said this gets very boring.
  • He always wears a kelp necklace, which Komodo has a running gag of eating.
  • Ulraj knows 14 surface languages, including French and English.
  • He has knowledge of how to catch birds using fish.
  • He once composed an opera about tuna. He's told that it's wonderful.