Hello, Secret Saturdays fans, this is Concernedalien11780. I had seen Secret Saturdays throughout most of its run, and while it was not my favorite Cartoon Network show, preferring Ben 10 and its spinoffs, but I still found the show to be watchable. It wasn't being marketed to the point where Cartoon Network tries to think for you about it like with Star Wars: The Clone Wars, so that definitely helped me with enjoying it. Of course, it ended, and I never really thought about it too hard again. At least, until my uncle started watching Mountain Monsters on Destination America. He doesn't watch it because he actually thinks it's a good show, but rather because he finds it funny, the guys running around and making traps for monsters most sane people know aren't real. One of them was a creature called the Snallygaster, a giant reptillian bird that lives in, of all places, the mountains outside a town his mother and my late grandmother on my dad's side of my family grew up in. The pet bird of the Saturdays, Zon, seems to resemble a Snallygaster, even though that's not her official Cryptid classification. So, I decided that with my recent quest to become a part of the online wiki fandoms of one or more of various things I have liked growing up and/or currently in order to somewhat help with my career path of creating an animated series, one of the shows I would include on the list would be The Secret Saturdays because of how the familiar geopgraphy of where the Snallygaster legend originated, and how that makes cryptozoology an interesting thing to study, even if you are agnostic about the existence of things that have neither been proven nor disproven to exist, be they cryptids or whatever and don't intend to take it seriously and just learn about the legends for fun. Message me on my chat page if you want to talk about The Secret Saturdays or anything related, and I'll see you on the wiki.

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