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Curse of the Stolen Tiger Wadi.png
General Information
Species Human
Age 11–13
Affiliations Zak's Army
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Slight of Hand
Remarkable Agility
Equipment Thief's Yo-Yo
Relatives Maboul (father)
Voice Actor Liliana Mumy
First Appearance Eterno
"I see it, I like it, I take it. Why is it so complicated for you?"
Wadi to Zak in Eterno.

Wadi is the daughter of Maboul, the future chief of the Hassi, and friend of Zak Saturday, as well as his love interest. Her first appearance was in Eterno.


Wadi is a young girl around Zak's age with green eyes and brown hair. She wears a black hijab, a long-sleeve purple shirt that goes down to her mid-thighs, cuffed pink pants, and heavy black boots.


Wadi is a kleptomaniac, which her father disapproves of. However, after the events of Eterno, she has vowed to recover stolen property and return it to its original owner. It's doubtful how well she sticks to this vow.

Wadi is very clever and, although not much of a fighter, is resourceful and remarkably flexible, able to evade attackers with ease.

Because of her exceptional talent in thievery, Wadi can be quite concerted and egotistical. She mocks Zak routinely for these, hence the rocky start to their relationship, although she does mature as she ages. They both seem to have things about each other that they admire.

Zak's family (mainly Doc and Doyle) have commented that she is pretty.


In Eterno, she steals a salt crystal which inadvertently awakens the salt creature Eterno. She aids Zak in stopping it, building a love-hate friendship with him over the course of their adventure.

Later, in Curse of the Stolen Tiger, she is shown being "babysat" by the Saturdays while her father is away on business. She assists the Saturdays in reclaiming a village's stolen blue tiger from Shoji Fuzen. Wadi helps to defeat him by stealing a component from Shoji's high-tech armor that controls its flight capability (although she returns the component to him by dropping it down the ravine where he fell). As Shoji Fuzen is never seen again after this, and consider the height from which he fell, it is safe to assume that Wadi killed him.

All of Zak's family thought that he has a crush on her (which turned out to be true) due to him being very clumsy around her, which he vehemently denies. He says that he doesn't have "a puberty thing" for Wadi, only for her to admit that she thinks he's cute. This makes Zak blush, although he is still confused.

Wadi kisses Zak on the cheek.

She has a peculiar habit of stealing Zak's belt. In the episode Life in the Underground, Wadi shows that she has a crush on Zak and gives him a kiss on the cheek. She also shows off her new purple yo-yo which Zak points out it similar to his Claw. It is also quite obvious that Zak returns her crush, as he looks after her longingly when she leaves in Life in the Underground.

She can be seen riding a Grootslang into battle in War of the Cryptids along with her father, fighting on Zak's side.


Zak Saturday is one of Wadi's friends as well as her crush. When they initially met, Zak was skeptical of her claims about the Salt Man that she claimed to have released upon her tribe. He warms up to her when she expresses the frustration of having no one believe her because she's only a child, something which Zak can relate to.

Wadi and Zak have a bit of a competitive streak, whether it be for impressing each other or anyone else who happens to be around. Most of Curse of the Stolen Tiger was spent with the two of them attempting to show the other up, with Zak mostly failing, much to his frustration. Although Wadi does not show much interest when Zak's parents accuse him of flirting, she does end the episode by calling him "kind of cute."

By the episode Life in the Underground, Wadi seems to have accepted her crush on Zak, openly attempting to flirt with him (not that he notices). Zak signals her out over Ulraj several times and ends up correcting himself, embarrassed.

She spends most of the episode trying to help Zak, growing more and more frustrated with his repeated rejections and pushing her away. She does not seem to care that he is Kur.

Despite her anger toward Zak for most of the episode, she still protects him during fights and, when faced with near-death, reaches for his hand and apologizes for not having "a very good birthday party." At the end of the episode, Wadi kisses him on the cheek and they can be seen looking at each other longingly as she prepared to leave.

Ulraj and Wadi have only met once, but they got along quickly, making fast friends. Although he spent a majority of the episode Life in the Underground flirting with her, Wadi politely dismissed his advances. Later, he admitted that he doesn't even find her attractive, and was only flirting because he hated to lose anything to Zak.

Aside from that, Wadi and Ulraj make a good team and enjoy each other's company. Despite the issues that they ran into, they both enjoyed Zak's birthday party and end the episode looking forward to celebrating together again next year.

Maboul is Wadi's father and only parent, as it appears her mother is not in the picture. Although Maboul cares for his daughter, he disapproves of her behavior. Specifically, he chastises her frequently for stealing. Even when Wadi vows to recover stolen property and give it back to its rightful owner, Maboul comments that "nothing deserves to be stolen." He also gets frustrated with the Saturdays when he believes them to be teaching Wadi a game about stealing.

Wadi is upset with their relationship, saying that her father doesn't believe her and constantly treats her like a child. Other than the typical frustrations of growing up and feeling misunderstood, they appear to have a normal father-daughter relationship.



  • Wadi was Cartoon Network's first reoccurring hijabi character.