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Zon Monday
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General Information
Species Ornithocheirus simus
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Flight
Relatives Doc Monday (adopted father)
Drew Monday (adopted mother)
Zak Monday (adopted brother)
Komodo Monday (adopted brother)
Fiskerton Monday (adopted brother)
Zon Saturday (matter counterpart)
Voice Actor Fred Tatasciore
First Appearance Black Monday

Zon Monday is the evil doppelganger of Zon Saturday. Her first appearance was in Black Monday.


Zon is a teal and green Ornithocherius with black wings and purple eyes. There is an additional set of purple "eyes" on the inside of her wings. She is about six feet tall when she stands up straight, making her wingspan around twice that. She has dull teeth suited for a diet fish and sharp claws and talons for hunting. She has a feathery head of "hair" than runs down the back of her neck.

The bump on Zon's bill is thought to be reserved for males of her species, according to discovered fossils.


Not much is seen of Zon on her own, but she is definitely a follower. She follows the cues from her family and doesn't go against them.

Once back in the Shadow World, she has no ill-will toward Zak and Komodo Monday, like the rest of her family, although she still does what Drew Monday tells her to and assists in fights.


In Black Monday, Zon (like most of the Monday family) uses bandages to cover the physical differences between herself and Zon Saturday. Doing that, she was able to trick Zak Saturday into thinking that she was his Zon. In the end, though, she ended up being sucked back into the Shadow World with the rest of her family.

As seen in Paris is Melting, Zon is stick stuck there and with the Monday family. She helps them corner Zak Saturday in the Monday airship, but seems to harbor no personal bad feelings toward him.



  • It's unknown where the eyes on her wings came from or if they can see or not.
  • She is strong enough to carry both Doc and Drew while flying.