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Amazon "Zon" Saturday
Zon large.jpg
General Information
Species Ornithocheirus simus
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Flight
Relatives Doc Saturday (adopted father)
Drew Saturday (adopted mother)
Zak Saturday (adopted brother)
Komodo Saturday (adopted brother)
Fiskerton Saturday (adopted brother)
Doyle Blackwell (maternal adopted uncle)
Zon Monday (anti-matter counterpart)
Voice Actor Fred Tatasciore
First Appearance The Kur Stone: Part Two
"It looks like a hold-out from the Prehistoric Era."
Doc upon seeing Zon in The Kur Stone: Part Two

Zon Saturday is the adoptive sister of Zak Saturday, Komodo, and Fiskerton, and the adoptive daughter of Doc Saturday and Drew Saturday.


Zon is a teal and green Ornithocherius with black wings and purple eyes. She is about six feet tall when she stands up straight, making her wingspan around twice that. She has dull teeth suited for a diet fish and sharp claws and talons for hunting. She has a feathery head of "hair" than runs down the back of her neck.

The bump on Zon's bill is thought to be reserved for males of her species, according to discovered fossils.


Being relatively new to domestication and living with humans, Zon maintains more animalistic traits than her cryptid brothers. She doesn't have much of a grasp on humor and gets easily distracted by her desire for food. She isn't very intelligent, although Zon is far from an idiot.

Zon can be just as stubborn as her mother when she gets her mind set on something. Regardless, she has a soft spot for Zak and is very gentle with him. Her loving nature is shown by how quickly she falls in love in The Underworld Bride.


Before the Show

Zon is a surviving member of a thought-to-be extinct Pterosaur species called Ornithocheirus simus. She lived in a nest deep in the Amazon rainforest before being found by the Saturdays.

Season One

Zon's first appearance is in The Kur Stone: Part Two. She attacks the Saturday family in self-defense after their crashing airship knocked over her nest, destroying it. She nearly flies off with Zak, only for Drew to shoot her down. After, Zon only stops attacking when Zak returns from where she dropped him and calms her down with his powers. She warms up to Zak quickly, letting him pet her while she purrs, only to run off at the sound of jet engines scaring her.

Toward the end of the episode, Zon comes back and saves Zak's life by knocking Argost out of the way before he can deliver a deadly blow. When Argost retaliates by threatening to pour Mongolian Death Worm venom down her throat, Zak saves Zon's life in turn. After that, their bond was solidified and Zon came home with the Saturdays, where Zak surprised her with a new nest and a bucket full of fresh fish.

Season Two

Zon spends most of season two (all except for the last episode) traveling the world at Doyle's side, serving as his backup in battle while he attempts to hunt down Argost and did further into his past.


Doc Saturday is Zon's adopted father. Like Drew, he initially wasn't fond of her and didn't want to adopt her (mostly because Zon attacked them and tried to eat Doc's head). However, Zak wore them down.

His concern for Zon's well-being shows in The Underworld Bride. Mostly, though, Doc doesn't worry about her much, knowing that Zon can take care of herself and is rarely targeted in fights. When Doc speaks to Zon, he has to be louder and speak more clearly, as she hasn't been living with humans for nearly as long as her brothers.

Drew Saturday is Zon's adopted mother. Like Doc, Drew initially wasn't fond of her and didn't want to adopt her (mostly because Zon attacked them and tried to eat Doc's head). However, Zak wore them down.

Compared to how she worries for "her boys," Drew seems to fret over Zon much less. Her only real worry was in The Underworld Bride, where she obviously didn't want Zon to be eaten alive. This is probably because Zon is relatively new to the family, though there's no doubt that Drew will grow closer to her as the years go by.

Zak Saturday is Zon's adopted brother. Unlike Fisk and Komodo, who have spent about a decade living with the Saturday family, she is still new to domestication and tends to act more "animalistic" than Fisk and Komodo, although it does not make her any less intelligent.

She is very fond of Zak especially, possibly because she emprinted upon him after her nest was destroyed by the Saturday's airship when they first met her. While the rest of the family is important to Zon, she has a special relationship with Zak. He is the only member of the family that she has been seen hugging.

Likewise, Zak is a lot different with Zon than with Komodo or Fisk, often rewarding her for a job well-done with fish, and petting and cooing at her often. Zak is also very protective of her, almost like a father might be. As shown in the episode The Underworld Bride, he gets agitated when he thinks she's being treated poorly and shows visible distress at the idea of never seeing her again.

Zak will often fly Zon in fights or if he needs to get closer to a cryptid without the risk of being attacked. She comes when he whistles for her and seems only to take his command. They are very in sync, as Zon hardly ever needs vocal cues from Zak.

As far as siblings bonds go, they've gotten to be very close in a relatively short amount of time.

Zak is the only member of the family that Zon has been seen hugging.

Fiskerton Saturday is Zon's adopted brother. They aren't shown to be very close, though they both regard each other as family.

Fisk dislikes Zon, although not as much as Komodo does. He doesn't like having to carry her in Food of the Giants, though he'll carry Zak frequently, often without prompting. Fisk has also been shown to be jealous of the attention that Zon receives from Zak, such as when he praises her or giver her a fish.

Still, Fisk isn't one to hold grudges and Zon has no ill-will toward him. They were happy and relieved to see each other after Fisk was rescued from Weird World in Escape From Weird World.

Komodo Saturday is Zon's adopted brother. They have a strong disliking of each other, which manifests in petty ways that one would expect from children. Komodo will steal fish from her or sometimes bite her for no reason. Komodo's bitterness likely stems from how much attention Zak gives her (which is a jealous sentiment that Fisk shares).

Despite this, they are willing to work together should the situation call for it. They become particularly agreeable when asked to do something for Zak's sake.

Doyle Blackwell is Zon's maternal adopted uncle and partner for most of season two. In season one, they don't get much interaction, whereas all of Zon's season two appearances happen with Doyle.

They start working together for the first time in The Atlas Pin, briefly helping Doc win the dogfight against Argost and Munya.

While Doyle looks for information on Argost during season two, Zon serves as his partner. He nicknamed her "Jurassic" and fondly gives her seafood as a reward for a job well done. They work well together and have a lot of mutual trust.



  • Zon is the only daughter of the Saturday family.
  • Despite being domesticated for a much shorter time than Komodo, Zon is more obedient and less aggressive than he is.
  • Zon is the only Saturday to premier in episode two.
  • Zon is the least seen Saturday